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Land use and the environment are two of many key functions of a city.  How a city uses its land and protects its environment defines its character and establishes its legacy.

Defining the community and protecting its resources falls on the shoulders of the Planning Division.  The Planning Division is responsible for ensuring that new development conforms to the community's General Plan, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and local zoning regulations.

A five-member Planning Commission provides direction and policy to the Planning Division staff, and they also serve as advisors to the Town Council on land use and environmental decisions.

The Town of Paradise is pleased to announce that it has recently issued a draft of its revised and updated Housing Element.  In addition to the draft Housing Element document, a document that provides an analysis of the proposed updated Housing Element relative to its environmental impacts has also been crafted.  These documents are available to you via the following links:

Housing Element - Neg. Dec./Initial Study

2009 Housing Element

Town of Paradise 1994 General Plan 

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Craig Baker
Community Development/Planning Director
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Tony Lindsey
Building Official/Fire Marshal
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Doug Danz
Onsite Sanitary Official
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Marc Mattox
Town Engineer
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Paul Derr
Public Works Manager
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