Town of Paradise

Emergency Services Information

 Click here to find your evacuation zone by address


  pdf For information on current emergencies, click here: (127 KB)


What if I need to Evacuate?

  • Be familiar with your evacuation zone - Find a pdf zone map here (732 KB) , or click here to lookup your zone by address.
  • Be familiar with routes in and out of your area.  Practice driving these routes during the day and night.
  • Follow instructions given by public safety officials - Sign up for Emergency Mass Notifications here
  • In a Town-wide emergency,  a call center will be activated -call 530-872-5951 for information.  
  • Be pdf ember aware (78 KB) .
  • Do you have a pdf go bag (133 KB) ?  Put it in your vehicle and back into the driveway or garage with vehicle loaded and all doors and windows closed.
  • Do you have animals?  Be prepared to take them with you. pdf Click here for a NVADG Brochure (1.01 MB) .
  • Alert family and neighbors
  • Shut all windows and doors.
  • Remove flammable window shades and lightweight curtains.  Close metal shutters.
  • Move flammable furniture to the center of the room.
  • Shut off gas at the source (meter or tank).  Turn off pilot lights and propane tanks.  Move propane BBQ's and appliances away from structures.
  • Leave lights on indoors and outdoors so firefighters can see your house under smoky conditions.
  • Shut off the air conditioning.
  • Connect the garden hoses to outside water valves or spigots for use by firefighters.  Fill water buckets and place them around the house.
  • Don't leave sprinklers on or water running.  This can affect critical water pressure.
  • Have a ladder available and place it at the corner of the house so firefighters can quickly access the roof.
  • Leave gates open for access.
  • Monitor the fire situation.  If you feel threatened, don't wait for an evacuation order, leave

 More Evacuation Resources

For citizen preparedness and other planning documents click on one of the following links:

The protection of citizens and businesses is a high priority for the Town of Paradise.  One of the ways in which the Town meets that responsibility is through the Paradise Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  The EOC is activated in the event of a serious or life threatening emergency, such as a fire threat or severe winter storm.  

pdf Emergency Operations Plan (1.98 MB)

The EOC consists of employees and volunteers that work day and night to protect the Town during an emergency situation.  The effort includes:

  • operation of emergency shelters and warming/cooling centers
  • public and media information
  • food and lodging for emergency workers
  • sand bags and other pertinent supplies needed by citizens and businesses
  • traffic control and evacuations
  • other Town/County/State agency coordination

Because emergencies can be small or large, the EOC is designed to operate in a small or large-scale disaster.  Town employees, volunteers and cooperating agencies conduct regular practice drills in order to be ready when disaster strikes.



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