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NRWS Street Sweeping Proposal

On February 14, 2017, Town Council voted to authorize Northern Recycling and Waste Services to distribute a Proposition 218 Notice relating to a Franchise Agreement extension through April, 2027 and the addition of street sweeping services for public roadways. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation provided to Town Council is provided here:  pdf NRWS Franchise Extension Presentation ( 1.49 MB ) .

Street Sweeping Program Details

If approved, the street sweeping program will begin in July 2017 with a Town-wide sweep, kicking off an annual calendar of street sweeping activities centered around the leaf-drop season. There are two proposed sweep schedules: Schedule A (major roadways) and Schedule B (all roadways). A proposed sweeping calendar is provided below:


Schedule A Sweep

Arterials & Collectors Only

Schedule B Sweep

All Public Roads





















A copy of street listings for Schedule A and Schedule B roadways is provided here:  pdf Proposed Street Sweeping Program ( 187 KB ) . The street sweeping program will also include "on-call" services to handle extreme weather event cleanup or drainage inlet cleaning with special vacuum equipment.

Street Sweeping Benefits:

  • Program will sweep 1,300 public road miles annually.
  • Street sweeping removes litter and debris from roads.
  • Street sweeping reduces storm hazards and flooding.
  • Street sweeping keeps road reflective markers visible
  • Street sweeping keeps road center and edge lines visible
  • Street sweeping protets water quality in local creeks
  • Street sweeping reduces probability for flat tires for both motorists and bicyclists

What will this new program cost for rate payers?

Rate structures vary depending on your solid waste collection container size. Residential customers can expect increases between 19 cents and 27 center per month, if approved. Whereas commercial customers average increase is $3.94 per month, if approved. A copy of the proposed rate increases is available for review here:  pdf NRWS Street Sweeping Rate Increase Structure ( 499 KB ) .

How are residents being notified of these changes?

Per the requirements of Proposition 218, residents can expect to receive a formal Public Hearing Notice (scheduled for April 11, 2017 at 6:00 PM at Town Hall, 5555 Skyway) in the mail shortly. Included with the Public Hearing Notice is a Protest Ballot and Informational Flyer. All information included in the mailing is available for download below:

What should I do if I support these changes?

If you support the proposed changes including the Franchise Agreement extension and new street sweeping services, no action is necessary. 

What should I do if I DO NOT support these changes?

If you do not support the proposed changes including the Franchise Agreement extension and new street sweeping services, please fill out a  pdf Protest Ballot ( 63 KB )  and return it to the Town Clerk via US Mail or hand delivery to 5555 Skyway, Paradise, CA 95969 before the closing of the Public Hearing on April 11, 2017.

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