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The Town of Paradise Public Works Department will begin the annual roadside herbicide application starting March 8, 2017. Performing this work helps keep the road edges and ditches free of noxious weeds and reduces the fire danger for the upcoming summer while keeping drainage ditches clear to prevent future flooding.

If residents would prefer to not have roadway edge sprayed adjacent to their property, please contact the Town Clerk’s office at (530) 872-6291 x102 to arrange for a “no-spray” agreement. The Town maintains a list of properties requesting this “no-spray”. We request a contact name, address and phone number for our files and that the resident manually keep the weeds and invasive species cleared. Residents on the “no-spray” list will be provided white flags to mark areas not to be sprayed. Residents can also sign up for a “no spray” agreement online at the following website:

Trained and licensed operators will do all spraying in strict compliance with the Butte County Agricultural Commissioner requirements and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Most treated areas will have a six to eight foot wide band of herbicide applied (from the edge of pavement outward). This treatment reduces the amount of weeds and vegetation alongside the roadway edges and will greatly reduce the chance of carelessly thrown cigarettes causing a wildland fire later this summer. In addition, control of noxious weeds during this stage of development will improve the roadside drainage and minimize additional maintenance by Town staff.

The spraying will consist of critical road shoulders, selected areas along the Memorial Trailway, drainage ditches, as well as spot spraying the poison oak and invasive broom species. A listing of roads to be treated is provided on the bottom of this page.

We do not anticipate any traffic delays. Spraying operations will be performed with a marked Town of Paradise pickup truck and a 200-gallon pull spray tank. If motorists encounter the spraying operations, please stay back a reasonable distance. The operators will pull off the roadway and allow the motorists to pass at the first convenient location.

For further information, contact Marc Mattox

(530) 872-6291 x125, Monday-Thursday, 8am to 5pm

Street Start Intersection End Intersection
Almond Street Pearson Road Elliott Road
American Way Clark Road End
Angel Drive Pearson Road Newland Road
Bader Mine Road Skyway Northern Town Limits
Bille Road Cliff Drive Pentz Road
Birch Street Skyway Black Olive Drive
Black Olive Drive Pearson Road Willow Street
Boquest Boulevard Skyway End
Buschmann Road Foster Road Clark Road
Butte View Terrace Pearson Road End
Camellia Drive Oliver Road (E) Oliver Road (W)
Castle Drive Cliff Drive Oliver Road
Cathy Lane Pearson Road End
Cedar Street Almond Street Black Olive Drive
Central Park Drive Maxwell Drive Clark Road
Cherry Lane Pearson Road Ellis Drive
Circlewood Drive Neal Road Filbert Street
Clark Road Pearson Road Skyway
Cliff Drive Castle Drive Bille Road
Crestview Drive Crestwood Drive Valley View Drive
Crestwood Drive Crestview Drive (W) Crestview Drive (E)
Dean Road Pentz Road End
DeMille Road Stearns Road Pentz Road
Easy Street Clark Road End
Edgewood Lane Pearson Road End
Elliott Road Oakmore Drive Sawmill Road
Filbert Street Sunburst Drive (E) Sunburst Drive (W)
Fir Street Almond Street Black Olive Drive
Forest Lane Bille Road Forest Circle
Foster Road Wayland Road Skyway
Gate Lane Pentz Road End
Glen Circle Pearson Road (E) Pearson Road (W)
Glen Drive Pearson Road End
Glen Park Lane Glen Circle Glen Drive
Graham Road Bille Road Wagstaff Road
Greenwood Drive Maxwell Drive Central Park Road
Gregory Lane Wagstaff Road End
Harrison Road Stearns Road DeMille Road
Harvey Road Bille Road Wagstaff Road
Heavenly Place Angel Drive (N) Angel Drive (S)
Henson Road Butte View Terrace Bieberdorf Lane
Hickory Way Circlewood Drive End
Himmel Street Bille Road 600' N/O Bille Road
Honey Run Road Western Town Limits Skyway
Kibler Road Nunneley Road Young Avenue
Lancaster Drive Bille Road End
Laurel Drive Castle Drive Bille Road
Lucky John Road Bille Road Waggoner Road
Malibu Road Harrison Road 400' North and South
Maple Park Drive Clark Road End
Maxwell Drive Elliott Road Skyway
Maxwood Drive Young Avenye Vista Knolls Drive
McKale Road Clark Road End
Memorial Trailway Princeton Way Pentz Road
Merrill Road Pentz Road End
Middle Libby Road Pearson Road Nunneley Road
Montna Drive Skyway End
Neal Road Southern Town Limits Skyway
Newland Road Pearson Road South Libby Road
Newman Road Pearson Road Paradise Avenue
Nunneley Road Academy Drive Kibler Road
Oak Way Bille Road Wagstaff Road
Oakmore Drive Elliott Road Crestview Drive
Paradise Avenue Pearson Road Newman Road
Pearson Road Skyway Pentz Road
Pentz Road Southern Town Limits Skyway
Rocky Lane Wagstaff Road Skyway
Roe Road Neal Road Scottwood Drive
Sawmill Road Bille Road End
Scottwood Road Kinsey Way Pearson Road
Skyway Southern Town Limits Northern Town Limits
South Libby Road Pearson Road End
Stearns Road Pearson Road Erin Way
Sunburst Drive Hickory Way End
Sunset Drive Cliff Drive Oliver Road
Twin Oaks Drive Wagstaff Road End
Valley Ridge Drive Valley View Drive Point West Drive
Valley View Drive Oliver Road End
Vista Knolls Drive Maxwood Drive Bille Road
Waggoner Road Lucky John Road End
Wagstaff Road Oliver Road Pentz Road
Wayland Road Neal Road Foster Road
West Wagstaff Road Bille Road Roberts Road
Young Avenue Kilber Road Maxwood Drive
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