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 decided at the November 3, 2020 General Municipal Election. The successful candidates will each serve a four-year term of office beginning on the first Council Meeting in December 2020 through the first Council Meeting in December, 2024. The 2020 vacancies will occur as a result of the expiration of terms of office for the positions held by Greg Bolin, Melissa Schuster and Michael Zuccolillo.  The Town of Paradise is consolidated with the state general election.  Dina Volenski, Paradise Town Clerk, serves as the election official for the Town of Paradise and issues nomination petitions and files campaign statements and documentation. 

Click here to view the pdf 2020 Notice of Election (107 KB) pdf
(107 KB)

2020 Election Candidate's - Form 501 (Intention to Run Statement)


 Greg Bolin
  pdf Bolin 501 (1.85 MB)
   Steve "Woody" Culleton
    pdf Culleton 501 (1.26 MB)
 Kevin Eaddy
  pdf Eaddy 501 (1.13 MB)
    Julien Martinez
    pdf Martinez 501 (1.26 MB)
 Warren Bullock
  pdf Bullock 501 (1.20 MB) pdf
(1.20 MB)
  John Gillander
   pdf Gillander 501 (1 MB)
 Gregg A Mowers
  pdf Mowers 501 (1.82 MB)
   Rachelle McCann
     pdf McCann 501 (1.39 MB)
 Lucas Bellefeuille
  pdf Beuefeuille 501 (1.34 MB)
   Steve Oehler
    pdf Oehler 501 (1.24 MB)
 Sam Gonseth
  pdf Gronseth 501 (1.45 MB)
 Mike "Zucc" Zuccolillo
  pdf Zuccolillo 501 (1.39 MB)
 Rose Tryon
  pdf Tryon 501 (1.26 MB) folder
pdf Tryon 501 amended (1.35 MB) folder
Dave Brillenz
pdf Brillenz 501 (1.34 MB)

Public Review Period: Elections Code Section 13313 provides for a 10-calendar day public examination period for Candidates' Statements. During this 10-calendar-day period, any voter of the Town of Paradise may seek court action to require any or all candidates' statements be amended or deleted.

 2020 Election Candidates - Additional Forms

 Greg Bolin
Steve "Woody" Culletton


  pdf Culleton 410 (1.89 MB)

 Kevin Eaddy
 Julian Martinez


  Warren Bullock   John Gillander

 Gregg A. Mowers  Rachelle McCann

  Lucas Beuefeuille  Steve Oehler

 Sam Gronseth  Mike "Zucc" Zuccolillo




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