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  • Council met on Feb. 4th to consider repealing ordinance 573 which allowed people to live on property before fire debris was cleared.
  • Butte County Public Health has stated that a public health emergency exists in Paradise due to the Fire.
  • FEMA and Cal OES have said that allowing people to live in a public health emergency area will jeopardize the funding which pays for the state debris removal program. Without this funding, the town will not have the resources to remove all the debris.
  • With this information, Town Council voted unanimously to repeal ordinance 573 and approved ordinance 575.
  • Ordinance 575 states that residents may not live on property where a qualifying structure (a structure over 120 sqft) has burned until that debris is removed. If the home remains standing, you may live on your property (either in your home or in an RV). Once debris is removed on your property, you may live on the property, regardless of property size.

  pdf Click here to read Ordinance 575 (180 KB) .

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