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Town of Paradise Weekly Recovery Update 
July 15, 2020



Tuesday, August 4th, 6 pm                   Community Information Meeting - In-person at the Paradise Alliance Church or streamed online via Facebook and YouTube

Tuesday, August 11th, 6pm                    Town Council Meeting - In-person at Town Hall - 5555 Skyway - Online at:                                     

Updates and Statistics:

Building Updates:

Single Family Residences

1,085  Building Permit Applications Received
922     Building Permits issued
244    Homes Rebuilt (certificate of occupancy issued)

Multi-Family Units

168     Applications received
90      Permits Issued
4        Units Completed (Certificate of Occupancy Issued)


4,602  Tree ROE’s received (State Program)
4,020  Tree ROE’s received (Private Program)

Bloomin’ Good News:

Déjà vu-Gardens Galore Nursery to Open in Previous Mendon’s Location

In an announcement on Facebook, Déjà vu-Gardens Galore Nursery (known locally as ”The Vu”) will be opening at the location formerly home to Mendon’s nursery. The owner gave credit to John Mendon for helping to make the new location of Déjà vu a reality. Déjà vu lost its original location in the Camp Fire. Adding to their team will be two former Mendon employees bringing additional expertise to the operation. The grand opening is expected within the next few months.

What’s new: 

  • Best Western Hotel Paradise has begun its re-opening to the public. As of July 4th, the hotel has opened 11 rooms to the public. They hope to have all rooms open by the end of the year.
  • The Building Resiliency Center (BRC) Continues to Be Open. The BRC continues to maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist those seeking to rebuild.  The Center is open by appointment only and masks are required. The Rebuild Advocates are available to answer any questions you may have. Please call 530.872.6291 x411 to make an in-person or phone appointment today!
  • The Town’s Private Hazardous Tree Removal Program Under Way Tetra Tech has 4 arborists in the field. This number will ramp up over time. The arborists are wearing blue vests with yellow safety stripe and TT logo.  Vehicles will contain the Tetra Tech TT logo.
  • Paradise Fire Department/Cal Fire wants you to be aware that wildfire season is here. Preparedness starts with 3 steps: Ready … Set … Go!   To learn more visit:
  • Important: As of January 1, 2021, the rules about living in RVs on private lots in town will change back to pre-fire rules. You will be required to be actively rebuilding a permanent home on your property (different than a temporary RV permit) to continue living on your property in an RV. For information on the building process and to connect with financial resources for rebuilding, contact our Rebuild Advocates at (530) 872-6291 x429 and x430.
  • Hazardous Trees - Town of Paradise needs your help! There are still almost 3,000 properties in The Town of Paradise that have not completed their TROE form. In order to remove all dead and dying trees there is an urgent need for all residents who have not completed this form to do make it a priority. Ask your neighbors, family and friends both in town and those who have been relocated out of state but still own property --Have you completed your TROE?

Download your ROE or inspection Access form here.  You can mail the form to PO Box 3390   Chico, CA 95927-3390 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For questions, call the Tree ROE Information line at (530) 552-3030.

  • Rebuilding & Looking for Homeowner’s Insurance? Choose LOCAL! The Rebuild Paradise Foundation has informative flyers listing local offices and which cover site/stick build and manufactured homes. Download the flyer.
  • Gold Nugget Museum Received $214,000 Grant to Rebuild The North Valley Community Foundation has granted funds to help in the first phase of the rebuilding of the museum lost in the Camp Fire.
  • Help keep Paradise fire safe! If you own a lot in Paradise, it is your responsibility to maintain it.  If you need help clearing your lot of weeds and brush, you can contact a local company who can do the work for you.  Find a list of companies with Paradise Business Licenses here
  • Have questions regarding your rebuild? Rebuild Advocates are here to help! If you need help navigating the rebuild process, the Town of Paradise has Rebuild Advocates available to assist.  They can help with the following:  Navigating insurance, FEMA or SBA, understanding additional financing options, selecting a contractor, submitting plants, or any part of the rebuild process.  They are available at the Building Resiliency Center by appointment only.  Please call 530.872.6291 x411 to make an in-person or phone appointment today!


Q   What is going on with the Hazard Tree Removal Program?

A:  The Town’s Private Hazard Tree Removal Program began on July 7th. Arborists with Tetra Tech, the Town’s contractor, are conducting inspections of enrolled parcels and assessments of unenrolled parcels and will contact property owners if hazard trees are identified that require removal. The State is finalizing their contracts for the State Hazard Tree Removal Program and expect to begin inspections and tree felling in August. 

It is the responsibility of property owners to remove any hazardous trees. If you have not enrolled in either program you must do so now. If hazardous trees are not removed, the Town will abate the property (remove the hazardous trees) at the property owner’s expense. 

To enroll contact the Tree ROE Center at 530.552.3030 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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