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                                                                                                      Date: July 17, 2019





Town of Paradise Weekly Recovery Update




Wed, July 17th 5:30pm                       Party in the Park 


                                                            Location:  Paradise Community Park 


Sun. July 21st 3pm                             Finding Hope after the Camp Fire” Support Group


                                                            Location: Spiritual Care Center


      295 E. Washington Ave. Chico, Ca


Tues. July 23rd 6pm                           Paradise Town Council Meeting – Budget


      Location: 5555 Skyway


Tues. July 23rd 5:30-7:30pm              Together We Rise Business Forum hosted by The                                                                                     Paradise Chamber


                                                            Location: 6161 Clark Road


Fri. July 26th 10am-1pm                     Paradise SaveMart Grand Re-Opening


      Location: 6636 Clark Road, corner Clark and Wagstaff



7,332   properties cleared of debris


2,662   properties certified clean by County


93        building permits issued


92        applications in plan check


185      applications received total 


2          homes rebuilt (Certificate of Occupancy issued)



What’s new:


  • On July 15th, 2019 the Town issued the first Certificate of Occupancy to the Sinclaire Family. This means all inspections and steps to rebuild are final and the family can move into their new home! Congratulations to the Sinclaire Family!

  • The Town will start holding Community meetings on the first Tuesday of each month.  This meeting will be dedicated to updates from our local agencies like PID, PUSD, and the Chamber of Commerce, and give the community a venue to hear information from each agency directly.   The first meeting will be on August 6th at 6pm at Paradise Alliance Church 6491 Clark Rd. 

  • Paradise Irrigation District held a community meeting on Monday July 15th.  You can watch the meeting online here:

  • The is currently under “construction” due to updates coming that will include a go-to guide to the rebuilding process to help residents and contractors. Stay tuned for more information!

    Weekly Q&A:

    Q: I have heard the process to get a building permit takes a long time.  What is the turnaround time?

    A: The total time from application submittal to issuance is usually 3 weeks.  The 5 day turnaround is for building plan check, which is just one part of the process, albeit a very important one that used to take much longer.  Right now, it takes one week (5 days) for building plan check, one week for septic review and one week for engineering.  Occasionally there are hiccups (ie missing items, corrections, etc.) that may cause delays, but in the vast majority of cases, the total time is 3 weeks.

    Q: What is happening with the burned trees in danger of falling on existing homes in the future?

    A:  Trees remain a top priority for the Town of Paradise.  For trees in the public right of way, the Town has hired an arborist to identify trees to be removed.  So far about 3,900 have been identified by the arborist, and they will be removed over the next 4-8 months.  For trees on private property, the Town is still working with our recovery partners, Cal OES and FEMA, on a program that would help with the cost of removal.  Butte County Fire Safe Council is also applying for grants that will help property owners offset the cost to remove trees on private property.  As soon as these programs are confirmed, the Town will make the information about how to apply available.

    Q:  Has there been any discussion about relaxing the burn restrictions for this and next year?

    A:  The Fire Chief discussed burning briefly at the last Council meeting on July 9th.  You can watch the meeting online here:, Chief Messina begins his update at about the 9 minute mark.  To summarize, Chief Messina discussed the possibility of changing the rules for burning to allow a longer burn period and to eliminate the East/West burn days.  These were just ideas at this point and will need to be discussed more fully before anything is actually implemented.


            Q: How can I report camping violations to Town of Paradise?



A: Residents can report violations like camping, or any other code violations to the          Town’s Code enforcement officer Rick Trent.  The easiest way to do that is on our mobile app TOP Access, which can be accessed on a smart phone (free through the app store or google play) or online here:  Residents can also print a form and email or mail it in.  The printable form, as well as more information about the Code Enforcement process can be found here:


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