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Property owners are responsible for keeping their lots fire safe, whether they live in Town or not.  If you need help clearing your lot, there are local businesses that can do the work for you.  Visit for a list of weed abatement businesses with a Paradise business license.  

Read the Town's ordinance regarding defensible space and weed abatement here.

Did you receive a letter from the Fire Department?  The letter describes what needs to be done on your property. There are 3 different categories: General, Developed, and Undeveloped. Each of these has a subcategory that will have a check mark next to the violation that is to be corrected. Most of the notices require the grasses and/or brush to be cut. 30 Calendar days are given to complete the work. An inspection will be conducted after the 30 days and if the corrections are not made to ensure compliance. If the actions described in the letter have not been completed, administrative citations will be issued, and ultimately the Town can abate the property at the owner’s expense. Find a list of weed abatement companies with Paradise Business Licenses here.

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