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What the Law Says. . .

Municipal Code Section 6.12.030

Without limitation as to the general provisions of Section 6.12.020, the following specific acts and conditions committed by a dog are hereby declared to be unlawful and to constitute a public nuisance, and the owner of a dog committing any of the following shall be subject to the penalties provided by 6.12.040;

  • Being in or upon any public building or public or private school grounds, except when authorized by appropriate officials, and excepting further, "seeing eye" dogs while guiding, in attendance with, or waiting for a blind person;
  • Annoying, harassing, nipping, mauling or biting any person or persons;
  • A female dog in breedable condition being within the Town, except when confined in or upon the premises of its owner;
  • Damaging or destroying any property or thing of value;
  • Creating a noise in a neighborhood by howling, barking or making unusual sounds that disturb two (2) or more persons residing in different residences during three (3) separate days within a seven (7) day period;
  • Leaving excretion on any property other than the property of its owner.

Vicious Animal Complaints:

If any person or animal has been harrassed, nipped at, or bitten, please call the Paradise Police Department as soon as possible at (530) 872-6241.  

To adequatley hold a dangerous or  vicious animal hearing, we need the following information:  

1.  Name of the owner

2.  Time of the violation

3.  Date of the violation

4.  Location of the violation

5.  The names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses

6.  Description of what hapened

7.  Photographs of the animal(s)

8.  Photographs of the vicitm(s)

9.  All photographs need to be dated with location and who took them


Barking Dog Complaints:

To file a complaint about a barking dog, please fill out the forms below.  According to our municipal code, two or more persons residing in different residences must file a compaint before a citation may be issued.

pdf Barking Dog Complaint Form (106 KB)

Barking Dog Complaint Log

Complaints should be turned into the Paradise Animal Shelter, Attention Animal Control Barking Dog Complaint.

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