Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The Town of Paradise has been a U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) entitlement city since 1994.  HUD awards grants to entitlement community grantees to carry out a wide range of community development activities directed toward revitalizing neighborhoods, economic development, and providing improved community facilities and services.

Entitlement communities develop their own programs and funding priorities. However, grantees must give maximum feasible priority to activities which benefit low and moderate income persons. A grantee may also carry out activities which aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight.  Additionally, grantees may fund activities when the grantee certifies that the activities meet other community development needs having a particular urgency because existing conditions pose a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community where other financial resources are not available to meet such needs. CDBG funds may not be used for activities which do not meet these broad national objectives.

HUD determines the amount of each entitlement grant by a statutory dual formula which uses several objective measures of community needs, including the extent of poverty, population, housing overcrowding, age of housing and population growth lag in relationship to other metropolitan areas.


  document 2017-18 Community Partnership Grant Program Application (58 KB) - Due Feb. 2nd 2017 by 5:00 pm

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