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The 2016/17 Town of Paradise Operating and Capital Budget continues to challenge leadership with competing priorities and limited resources. The Town has made considerable progress in restoring financial health in a few short years, however; the theme to the 2016/17 budget is clearly "The Road to Financial Stability is a Marathon not a Sprint".

The Town's dedicated and professional staff will maintain a full array of community services including police protection, fire prevention and suppression, medical aid, community development and street maintenance. In addition, Town Council has identified the following projects in order of priority for the 2016/17 fiscal year which begins July 1, 2016. Council is aware that given the current resources and time constraints only about half of these projects will be completed.                                              

1. CAL FIRE Contract Renewal 7.  Facilities Best Use/Deferred Maintenance
2. Northern Recycling & Waste Services Franchise Agreement 8. Tourism/Economic Development
3. Paradise Downtown Sewer Project 9. Increased Traffic Enforcement
4. Town-wide Personnel Structure 10. Review Code Enforcement & Animal Control Processes
5.  Business Identification/License 11.  $175,000 for Animal Shelter Addition
6. Master Fee Schedule Update      


 Highlights of the 2016/17 Operating and Capital Budgets include:


Weaknesses of the 2016/17 Operating and Capital Budgets Include:

• $25,000 hole in the Animal Control budget by 2018/19

• 3rd year of reduced Gas Tax revenues - Reserves will be consumed by 2019/20

• General Fund cash flow reserves are less than 10%

• Local funding needed to complete upcoming capital improvement projects

• OPEB trust remains underfunded

Management is confident that the Town of Paradise can make it to the finish line and achieve financial stability. The 2016/17 budget will push the Town one step closer to that goal.

For more details and information concerning Town Operating and Capital Budgets, please consider the following information:

2016/17 Operating and Capital Budget Links:

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