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How can I find out how my property is zoned and what uses can be established on the property?

The uses allowed on a particular lot are determined by the zoning district in which the lot is located another general regulations. To find out the zoning of your property and how the use of the property is regulated, click here to enter your address and access the property profile which will include a link to the zoning regulations.


How close to the lot line can structures be built?

Each zoning district has unique minimum setback requirements and the answer depends on the zoning district in which your property is located and whether or not additional setbacks were recorded as part of a recorded parcel map or subdivision map that created your lot. Please call the Planning Division at 530-872-6291 x114 or x111 to discuss setback restrictions on your property.      


Are there regulations regarding the location and height of residential fences?

There are no building permits required for fences; however, there are limits to height and placement. A solid fence up to 6’ in height above grade can be installed along property lines that do not front a street. For the property line(s) that front a street, any portion of a solid fence within the street setback (typically 50’ from centerline of a public road and 30’ from centerline of a private road) can only be 4’ in height. Open chain link and/or wrought iron fences up to 6’ in height can extend into the street setback area. No fence can be installed within a private road easement without written consent from ALL property owners who have legal right to that easement.


Can I operate a business from my home?

Under the residential zoning regulations, certain types of businesses may be conducted from a residence with a Town-approved Home Occupation Permit. To determine if your proposed business will qualify as a Home Occupation, please contact Planning Division staff at 530-872-6291 x114 or x111.


Do I need a permit to care for children from my home?

Under the residential and community services regulations, a small family day care with six or fewer children under the age of 10 (including the children who reside at the residence) is a permitted use. Caring for seven to fourteen children is a regulated use subject to the issuance of a Large Family Day Care Home permit, state licensing, and limited to specific zoning districts.



Can I have chickens?

                   Up to two hens may be kept and raised upon residentially zoned property. The hens must be confined within pens, coops or other fenced areas that are at least 75’ away from any neighboring house.


                       What are the restrictions on keeping livestock?

                   In most residential zoning districts the keeping of anything more than cats, dogs, or two hens and two rabbits requires a Town-approved permit for “Animal Production/Livestock” which is based on acreage. To determine if your property qualifies for livestock animals, please contact Planning Division staff at 530-872-6291 x114 or x111.


Can I raise 4-H animals?

                   The temporary (9 months per calendar year) raising of livestock animals as a student animal project sponsored by the Future Farmers of America, 4-H, or similar organization on properties within all zoning districts is permitted solely in association with an established residence. There are minimum acreages required per animal as well as a maximum number of animals permitted.  Please contact Planning Division staff at 530-872-6291 x114 to determine if your property is large enough.



 Are there any limitations on how many dwelling units can be built on a lot?

                   Generally, the residential zoning districts potentially allow for a “Secondary Dwelling” (750 sq ft or less) with the issuance of a planning permit contingent on meeting minimum development standards for things such as wastewater and casino fire protection. For two full-size dwellings, or a “Two-Family Residence”, typically a certain level of use permit is necessary which may require a public hearing. For more details please contact Planning Division staff at 530-872-6291 x114 or x111.


 What are Design Standards?

Design Standards govern the development and architectural appearance of commercial and multi-family construction to promote projects with a high aesthetic quality and compatibility with each other. Standards for each of the districts in town can be found here.


How do I report a possible violation of zoning regulations?

                   Alleged violations of the Town of Paradise Zoning Ordinance may be reported directly to the Code Enforcement Division. Complaints must be in writing and anonymous complaints are generally not accepted. The Town has a standard complaint form that can be filled out at the counter or a copy can be mailed or emailed to you to complete. Complainants should be able to provide the following information: address of the property where the violation is located; nature of complaint with as many details as possible; and name, address and contact phone number of complainant.  

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