Emergency Services Information

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In the event of a Town-wide emergency, a call center will be activated and information can be retrieved by calling 530-872-5951.  If you need immediate medical attention, please call 911 as the call center does not accept messages.  

  Information is also available thorugh the Town of Paradise community radio station AM 1500 WPQY846  


"Reverse 911" Emergency Notification Sign up - https://www.buttecounty.net/massnotification

Comminication is key to the success of surviving in an emergency.  In today's challenging environment, communication is more than ever a two-way street.  You can help us to help you by registering your contact information so that you may be notified of an emergency.  In the event of an actual emergency affecting you neighborhood, Paradise residents will receive an automated call from our system.  The  call will advise you of the status of the emergency and provide direction on what you need to do to stay safe.  

Note:  The system will automatically notify all AT&T "hard" lines.  Cell phones, VOIP (Comcast Digital Voice, Vonage, etc.) or any other services MUST be registered or a notification cannot be sent. 

Evacuation Information

For citizen preparedness and other planning documents click on one of the following links:

The protection of citizens and businesses is a high priority for the Town of Paradise.  One of the ways in which the Town meets that responsibility is through the Paradise Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  The EOC is activated in the event of a serious or life threatening emergency, such as a fire threat or severe winter storm.  

pdf Emergency Operations Plan (1.98 MB)

The EOC consists of employees and volunteers that work day and night to protect theTown during an emergency situation.  The effort includes:

Because emergencies can be small or large, the EOC is designed to operate in a small or large-scale disaster.  Town employees, volunteers and cooperating agencies conduct regular practice drills in order to be ready when disaster strikes.

The Town of Paradise also keeps citizens informed through it's community radio station AM 1500 WPQY846

You can also help by preparing yourself for that inevitable emergency.  Find out about defensible space and the items that you need on hand to make it for a few days on your own.  

pdf Citizen Planning Guide for Disaster Preparedness (1.98 MB)


Emergency notification signup

pdf Emergency Operations Plan (1.98 MB)