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pdf Smoke Detector Carbon Monoxide Affidavit 2017 (385 KB)

pdf 2016 California Residential Code Significant Changes (1.34 MB)

pdf 2016 California Plumbing Code Significant Changes (664 KB)  

pdf 2016 California Mechanical Code Significant Changes (632 KB)

pdf 2016 California Green Building Standards Significant Changes (539 KB)

pdf 2016 California Energy Standards Residential (605 KB)

pdf 2016 California Electric Code Update Brochure (488 KB)

pdf 2016 California Building Code Significant Changes (1.03 MB)

  pdf 2016 High Fire Hazard Construction Standards (515 KB)

  pdf ADA Hardship application (252 KB)


pdf 2013 Mechanical Code Requirement (85 KB)

pdf Asbestos Statement (236 KB)

pdf Above Ground Pool (136 KB)

pdf Bedroom or Sleeping Room Definition (194 KB)

pdf Building and Structural Design Criteria (95 KB)

pdf Building Inspection Checklist (445 KB)

pdf CalGreen Additions (260 KB)

pdf California Solar Permitting Guidebook (9.58 MB)

pdf Do I need a Permit (128 KB)

pdf Electrical Codes for Residential Service Panels (128 KB)

pdf Electrical Intersystem Bonding (131 KB)

pdf Energy Code Fenestration (486 KB)

pdf Energy Code Residential Cool Roof Requirements (431 KB)

pdf Energy Code Residential HVAC Changeout Requirements (302 KB)

pdf Energy Code Residential Lighting Requirements (251 KB)

pdf Exterior Decks Stairs Handrails Porches 14' (605 KB)

pdf Facts and Myths Residential Fire Sprinklers (148 KB)

pdf Fire Flow Form (194 KB)

pdf Guidelines for Smoke Detector Replacement (123 KB)

pdf Lead Statement (575 KB)

pdf Low Flow Plumbing Fixture Requirements SB407 (119 KB)

pdf Minimum Requirements Large Family Daycare (159 KB)

pdf Nonresidential Calgreen (2.41 MB)

pdf Owner Builder Declaration (909 KB)

pdf Preparations of Residential Plans 2013 (1.40 MB)

pdf Recycling Waste Management Plan (519 KB) pdf
(519 KB)

pdf Residential Calgreen (950 KB)

pdf Residential Fire Sprinkler Submittal (304 KB)

pdf Residential Reroof Requirements (195 KB)

pdf Retaining Walls when a permit is required (283 KB)

pdf Roofing Installers (85 KB)

pdf Smoke and Carbon Detector (53 KB)

pdf Smoke and CO alarm requirements additions and existing dwellings (77 KB)

pdf Special Inspection Agreement (1.05 MB)

pdf Swimming Pools and Spas (153 KB)

pdf Wildland Urban Interface Fire Area (153 KB)

pdf Work that is exempt from Permits (133 KB)

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