Operating and Capital Budgets

Thanks to Measure C, (the 0.50% six year transactions and use tax approved by the voters November 2014), the 2017-18 Town of Paradise General Fund budget is balanced, critical public safety services are maintained, and many road projects/capital improvements are planned that will serve the community for many years to come. The 2017-18 fiscal year marks the halfway point with Measure C funding. It is important that the Town keep making forward progress -- slowly but surely-- with a cautious regard toward maintaining and improving the Town’s financial health.

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“Slow and Steady Wins the Race”

The Town's dedicated and professional staff will maintain a full array of community services including police protection, fire prevention and suppression, medical aid, community development, street maintenance and capital improvements. In addition, Town Council has identified the following priorities for staff to focus the Town’s resources:                                              


Paradise Sewer Project – Complete work with the consultant on the final sewer report and seek funding for an environmental study.


Police Department Staffing – Seek qualified applicant to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of the current Police Chief (February 2018).


Continue CAL FIRE contract at current staffing levels


Town facilities/properties inventory and short/long term planning


Police Department roof replacement


Animal Control Services stability


Continued economic development

2017-18 Operating and Capital Budget Highlights

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2017-18 Operating and Capital Budget Weakness

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Management is confident that the Town of Paradise can make the slow and steady progress to the finish line and achieve financial stability. The 2017-18 budget will push the Town one step closer to that goal.

For more details and information concerning Town Operating and Capital Budgets, please consider the following information:


pdf 2017/18 Mid-Year Financial Report (927 KB) pdf 2017/18 Mid-Year Budget Presentation (4.99 MB)
pdf 2017/18 Budget Executive Summary (580 KB) pdf 2017/18 Operating and Capital Budget (49.58 MB) pdf 2017/18 Budget PowerPoint Presentation (11.01 MB) pdf Fiscal Health Analysis Memo (485 KB)

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