Town of Paradise

pdf 10-20 Concerning Layoffs Due to a Reduction in Town Revenues Popular

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pdf 10-21 Destruction of Certain Town Records (Town Clerk Dept) Popular

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pdf 10-22 Authorizing Lease Purchase & Certain Actions in Connection Therewith Popular

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pdf 10-23 Amending 1010 & Calling for General Municipal Election & Election of Officers Popular

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pdf 10-24 Amedning 10-11 Requesting Consolidation of General Municipal Election Popular

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pdf 10-25 Direct Assessment for Administrative Citation Penalties & Execution of Prop 218 Certification Popular

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pdf 10-26 Application for Funding from 2008 Disaster Recovery Initiative (DRI) - State CDBG Program Popular

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pdf 10-27 Amending Land Use Element of the 1994 Paradise General Plan Popular

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pdf 10-28 3-Day Suspension of Dog License Late Penalty Fees Popular

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pdf 10-29 Submittal of Fund Applications to Calrecyle & other State Agencies Popular

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pdf 10-30 Submittal of Fund Applications to Calrecycle Used Oil Payment Program Popular

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pdf 10-31 Annual DBE Submittal Form for Federal Fiscal Year 2010/2011 Popular

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pdf 10-32 Approving Final Map for Paradise Community Village Phase 1 Popular

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pdf 10-33 Accepting State Supplemental Law Enforcement Service Funds (SLESF) Popular

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pdf 10-34 Amending Land Use Map of the 1994 Paradise General Plan (Feather River Hospital & Rinehart) Popular

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pdf 10-35 Amending 06-46 & Adopting MOU with Confidential/Mid-Management Association 7/1/10 to 6/30/11 Popular

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pdf 10-36 Rescinding 09-17 & Adopting MOU with General Employees Unit from 7/1/10 to 6/30/11 Popular

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pdf 10-37 Rescinding 06-23 & Adopting MOU with Management Group from 7/1/10 to 6/30/11 Popular

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pdf 10-38 Rescinding 09-37 & 6-20 & Adopting MOU with Paradise Police Mid-Management 7/1/10 to 6/30/11 Popular

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pdf 10-39 Amending Master Schedule of Fees for Town Services - Deletes Major & Minor Preliminary Fees Popular

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