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The Town of Paradise is the largest unsewered city in California. While that may not be something most cities would be proud - we are. Because of the supreme work and oversight of the Town's Onsite Sanitation Division, we are proud of this apparent shortcoming. This division ensures the proper design construction, maintenance and monitoring of all wastewater disposal via standard septic systems or state of the art alternative systems throughout the community. Water quality through creek and groundwater, are constantly monitored and reviewed for contamination. The work of this division has historically received high marks from the residents, the development and building trades community, as well as various regulatory agencies.

The division is currently involved in a project that will provide a new and higher level of service to our downtown commercial corridor. A clustered wastewater system that will accept, transport, and treat effluent from businesses in the downtown area will allow for a level of business operation and expansion that has not previously been available. This cutting edge approach is indicative of the commitment to provide services to our residents and business owners while being an ever vigilant guardian of the environment.

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