Town of Paradise

About the VIPS

Mission Statement                                                                                  

The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program is a volunteer organization committed to assisting the Paradise Police Department in their goal of enhancing community safety, protecting life and property, reducing crime, and reducing the fear of crimes.  In conjuction with our mission, the role of every member of the Volunteers in Police Service is to promote public education and public awareness to create a safer community.

Each of our members commits to:
Ideals of integrity and compassion in providing assistance. Treating the public professionally, with dignity and respect.  Instill a spirit of optimism and social enjoyment in our members.  Strive to accomplish missions with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.  Provide a quality resource to the Paradise Police Department and our community.
Encourage community involvement, and reflect well as representatives of the Paradise Police Department and the members of the Volunteers in Police Service.

Volunteer in Police Services of the Year 
VIPS of the Year is selected by their peers, Officers, Dispatchers and Administration for the VIP of the Year award. This award recognizes an exceptional volunteer whose outstanding service contributes to improving the quality of life in our community. Due to the challenges of the current pace of Law Enforcement operations, volunteers are playing an increasing role in providing support and stability in our community. This award is presented to the recipient during the Volunteer recognition dinner held in December of each year. 

The Paradise Police Department Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program was established in 1996.  VIPS are a team of trained citizen volunteers who assist the police department with non-enforcement duties, in patrol, traffic control, administrative work , and crime scene security.  Their assistance allows officers to focus on crime reduction and providing a safe community for our citizens.  The VIPS are an important part of our organization and are proven to be a valuable asset to our front line personnel and our community.

To become a volunteer, Volunteers must be age 25 and over, contribute at least 12-hours of service per month, and attend monthly mandatory meetings.  Volunteers are expected to be available intermittently for large special events for the Town of Paradise. 

Download an pdf "Application of Interest" (63 KB)
 on this website, complete and return to the Paradise Police Department.  After the applicant has passed an interview and background check, he or she can attend the VIPS Academy, which is held every spring. 

The VIPS invite you to join this
 national membership of 22,000 members, developed by The International Chiefs of Police Association.  To obtain more information about the spring VIPS Academy and the VIPS partnership with the Paradise community, contactCharlieRollo, Community Service Officer, at the Paradise Police Department, 5595 Black Olive Drive, Paradise, CA 95969.

Police Volunteers receive training in many areas, including crime prevention, CPR and first aid, police records processing, traffic control and patrol procedures.  Volunteers are provided with an orientation program to acquaint them with the department, personnel, policies, and procedures that will have direct impact on their work assignment.  Volunteers do not take enforcement action, carry weapons, or make arrests.

Communications- The front counter is staffed by VIPS from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.  VIPS working in the Communication Unit are skilled at assisting citizens with their counter requests.  A typical request is for a copy of an incident and/or accident report, asking an officer for advice regarding handling a problem with a neighbor or family member, reporting an incident or crime, or Live Scans for background checks.

The VIPS now handle many of the counter requests, while other more complicated requests continue to be taken to the clerks or dispatchers for assistance.  This evolving expertise has directly benefited the dispatchers and has allowed them to fully concentrate on incoming emergency calls and radio traffic.

Volunteers also scan the police reports into an electronic database using laser fiche technology. Case files are updated daily as supplemental documents are generated. This program benefits the officers and staff, who are now able to access the case files from the electronic database rather than pulling the archived hard copy case file from a remote storage area.   

Live Scan technology has almost completely superseded the old ink fingerprint cards.  Currently, three VIPS have been trained to process the ever-increasing requests for Live Scan services.  Live scans are scheduled Monday through Wednesday 1:00pm - 4:00pm and Saturdays 8:30am - 11:00am .  Employers and others who require a Live Scan can make an appointment by calling (530) 872-6241. For costs associated with the Live Scans please refer to the " pdf fee schedule (1.56 MB) ".

Patrol- The Patrol Unit conducts daily patrol shifts, making the “court run” to Butte Superior Court and Town Hall. Their patrol vehicles can be seen in the Paradise community performing vacation house checks, cruising Neighborhood Watch areas, and driving through mobile home parks. They assist the police with traffic control at accidents, look for missing persons, and complete extra patrols as requested. They are viewed as extra sets of eyes and ears by the police officers.

Patrol is also responsible for updating businesses emergency contact information. This information helps with officer safety, and ease of dispatch duties especially when responding to reports of crimes in progress to these businesses after hours.

The RADAR trailer is parked by the VIPS at pre-determined places and times within the town limits. It displays the speed a vehicle is traveling, often surprising busy passing motorists who forget the speed limit.

VIPS are trained to recognize handicapped parking violations according to California vehicle codes. They place friendly notifications under the windshield wiper of a vehicle that they have observed parked in spaces reserved for residents with disabilities, and veterans.

Some members of the Patrol Unit will soon be trained with other interested VIPS to participate in a hand-held RADAR program, and become members of a crime scene investigation group. Although much of their equipment is provided by the police department, members use their personal vehicles equipped with lights to use while conducting traffic control. They are prepared to spend hours on an emergency if necessary, and in harsh weather conditions.

Traffic and Disaster- The Traffic and Disaster Unit has the primary function of providing the Paradise Police Department with on call traffic control. They are trained to protect emergency personnel, create ingress and egress for ambulances, and maintain traffic flow by taking control of the traffic at traffic accidents, fires, downed trees and power lines.