Fire - Prevention

Fire Prevention

The Town of Paradise is located in a defined, “very high fire hazard severity zone” (California Government Code §51175 and the California Health and Safety Code §13108.5) therefore making Fire Prevention of utmost importance.

Fire Prevention is built upon the philosophy of three main objectives: Education, Engineering and Enforcement.  Fire Prevention is a vital function in the community and our continued economic development. 

Our fire staff assists in education and tours, performing required facility inspections, and site inspections. In addition, our community is very fortunate to have the Butte County Fire Safe Council locally, to assist with fire prevention and planning, click here for more information. Resources are also available from the California Wildland Coordinating Group by accessing their webpage by clicking here.  These sites provide excellent information for fire prevention, safety, and preparedness .   Community education and cooperation is essential.

We encourage everyone to maintain an active effort to be educated on ways to better protect themselves and their neighbors from the devastating effects of fire before one occurs.  This education and diligence means the difference in your life safety. We encourage citizens to inspect their property and be sure they comply with the following:

Artwork courtesy of Colorado State Forest Service (content adapted)


These standards are required in accordance with California Fire Code (Title 24, part 9) and Town of Paradise Municipal Code section §15.01.0109(2C).

Citizens are welcome to report any fire hazards they might see in the community by calling (530) 872-6264. Please provide the address of location, what the concern is, and contact information. Our Fire Prevention Inspector will follow up on each report.

We look forward to continuing efforts and working together, to keep our community a safe place to live, work and recreate.