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As part of the 2011 Budget Act, the California State Legislature approved the dissolution of the state’s 400 plus RDAs. After a period of litigation, RDAs were officially dissolved as of February 1, 2012. The dissolution was especially harmful for the Town of Paradise. Under financial distress from the housing market meltdown and recession, the RDA was one of the few remaining tools the Town had for economic development through small business loans, blighted property repairs and first time homebuyer programs.    

In January 2012, the Town of Paradise elected to become the Successor Agency of the former Paradise Redevelopment Agency. The Town’s role is now to manage the receipt and disbursement of monies related to debt service of enforceable obligations including loan payments to the Town from the former Paradise Redevelopment Agency. It is important to note that the Town did not assume liability for those obligations, but is merely acting as a trustee in processing the transactions. Each Successor Agency has an oversight board that supervises its work. The seven member Oversight Board is comprised of taxing entities also within the former redevelopment project area.

Following are the documents approved by the Oversight Board and California Department of Finance during the dissolution process to date:

Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules                            pdf  Long Range Property Management Plan (5.40 MB)

pdf ROPS 20-21, (1.66 MB)   pdf July 2020 - June 2020 (117 KB)  

pdf ROPS 19-20, (1.09 MB)   pdf July 2019 - June 2020 (257 KB)

pdf ROPS 18-19, (1.50 MB)   pdf July 2018 - June 2019 (237 KB)

pdf ROPS 17-18, (1.28 MB)   pdf July 2017 - June 2018 (167 KB)

pdf ROPS 16-17B (Amended), (1.04 MB)   pdf January 2017 - June 2017 (47 KB)

pdf ROPS 16-17, (44 KB) pdf July 2016 - June 2017 (176 KB)  

pdf ROPS 15-16B, (112 KB) pdf Jan - June 2016 (687 KB)

pdf ROPS 15-16A, July - December 2015 (440 KB)

pdf ROPS 14-15B, January - June 2015 (709 KB)

pdf ROPS 14-15A, July - December 2014 (513 KB)

pdf ROPS 13-14B, January - June 2014 (129 KB)

pdf ROPS 13-14A, July - December 2013 (17 KB)

pdf ROPS 12-13B, January - June 2013 (149 KB)

pdf ROPS 12-13A, July - December 2012 (17 KB)

pdf ROPS 11-12B, January - June 2012 (21 KB)

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